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Hung Hom Hotels

The area of Hung Hom between the train station and the Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel used to be Hung Hom bay. It, like most areas of Hong Kong fronting the water, is currently undergoing development.


One of the first projects completed was the Whampoa Gardens which can best be described briefly as a fully contained "city" with huge apartment blocks, schools, parks, recreation and, yes, shopping (see below). Further east, the region's a bit more settled as you head into TST East. Notice that the Waterfront Promenade continues all the way through here. Traveling the length of the promenade is perhaps a bit too far for a casual stroll but perfect for a morning jog.

Hong Kong Science Museum

The museum houses about 500 exhibits, 60 percent of which are "hands-on". Visitors can explore the mystery of science and technology, including the areas of computers, robotics, energy, communication and transportation. Admission is HK$25 for adults, and HK$15 for kids, students and seniors. Call them at 2732-3232 to check opening hours and any price changes.

Hong Kong Coliseum

Opened in 1983, the Hong Kong Coliseum (sometimes called the Hung Hom Coliseum) is one of the largest indoor stadiums in Asia. At the site of the Kowloon-Canton Railway station, it is the home of a 12,500 seat arena which hosts concerts, exhibitions, and sports events. The eye-catching design of the inverted pyramid shape (allowing for no pillars inside) was meticulously derived from the rigid constraints of the myriad of existing railway lines at ground level.

Whampoa Gardens: Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa

A massive themed shopping park/complex built on reclaimed land by the Hutchison-Whampoa company (who co-owns the Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel). Worth a visit, despite the name. Several of the wonderful "worlds" are described below.

Fashion World:

A selection of leading fashion and retail brand names all under one roof -- Esprit Megastore, Michel Rene, Cour Carre, Daniel Hechter, Sportshouse, Cozzi, Chickeeduck, Watson's, The Disney Store, Blockbuster, just to name a few. Stay chic in this world of fashion. Need a bite after all the shopping? Visit the KOIZUMI Japanese Restaurant, Maxim's Chinese Restaurant, Banana Leaf Curry House, or Pizza Hut.

Treasure World:

Treasure World comprises a special mix of retail shops including the well-known Wing On Department Store, Giocity by Giordano, Moiselle, Kalm's and Sa Sa Cosmetics. Explore the largest indoor entertainment center in Hong Kong, Jumpin Gym USA, a dreamland for kids. Treat yourself to a delicious refreshment at McDonald's, Genki Sushi, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Yoshinoya!

Screen World:

Movie theaters, a great restaurant (Chiuchow Garden), and bowling.

Lily Mansion:

You can find here Billiard House, Jun for Hair, Bank of America (Asia) and Bank of East Asia. For more dining choices, visit fast food outlets Cafe de Coral, Chi King Restaurant Cake Shop, Sunrise Korean Restaurant, or Daikon Ya Japanese Restaurant.

The Whampoa:

The ship out of water - The Whampoa - is the well-known landmark of the region, and accommodates Jusco Department Store, House of Canton Restaurant, CineMetro and video games center - Game Station.

Cross-Harbour Tunnel

The Cross-Harbour Tunnel connects TST East with Causeway Bay by road under Victoria Harbour. It begins on this side just near the KCR railway station and the Hong Kong coliseum.

Hung Hom Ferry Pier

Catch a ferry across the harbor to Central, Wanchai, or North Point from down near the Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel. This is near the eastern limit of the Hong Kong Waterfront Promenade.

Kowloon Railway Station

Redevelopment of the terminus at Hung Hom began in 1995, and the HK$1.3 billion project includes the provision of a massive new departure hall capable of accommodating 1,600 passengers, with enlarged customs and immigration areas, and a wide range of shops and catering outlets. Now complete, it has increased the handling capability of the terminus from 180,000 to 250,000 passengers per day. Here is where you can get a train up into other destinations in China such as Shenzen, Guangzhou (Canton), Shanghai, and Beijing.

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