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The language hurdle might appear enormous, however it's in no way stopped people from loving the Thai people. The capital’s cultural foundations are apparent in practically all elements of the everyday routine, and most amusing by way of its inhabitants perception of sà nùk which translated means fun. In Bangkok, anything at all worthy of doing needs to have an element of fun. Placing your order of food, exchanging cash and bartering at marketplaces will most likely require a feeling of good natured fun, maybe even a touch of flirtation and of course a great big smile.


It’s the contradictions that provides the City of Angels its abundant, multi-dimensional character. Here environment managed department stores, are located right next door to a 200-year-old village house or golden steepled Buddhist temples share their locations with streets of neon lit bars and nightclubs only a stone’s throw away. The sluggish pathways of vehicle traffic can be side stepped by long-tail motorboats travelling up and down the Chao Phraya River. As Bangkok moves into the upcoming future, these types of disparities should never cease providing the megacity with its continuous Thai-ness.

Right up until you’ve eaten on the streets of Bangkok, with your noodle soup mixed together with your own sweat that has dripped from the end of your nose, you haven’t truly consumed Thai food. It could be an awesome combination: the principle tastes - spicy, sour, sweet and salt, are complete opposites from the regular meat and three veg dishes. However, for ambitious foodies that don't require traditional restaurant attire, there is almost certainly no greater eating vacation destination on this planet.

As so much of the life of Bangkok is actually conducted on the streets, there aren't many cities on the planet that will benefit investigation as tremendously as Bangkok. Top off a prolonged charter boat excursion with a trip to one of the many hidden markets. A stroll off Banglamphu districts well warn pathways may end up with you striking up a dialogue with some unusual characters. Explore the small streets of Chinatown and bump into a live Chinese opera show. After sunset, allow the BTS (Skytrain) to escort you to Sukhumvit, where the main nightlife area exposes an innovative and compelling city.

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Places to stay in Bangkok

Complemented along its complete length with the fast and easy BTS, Sukhumvit Road is definitely the heart and soul of business oriented Bangkok. In this area you'll discover a number of the city's fascinating shopping malls and dining establishments, along with bustling street side gift shops and street food carts.

Pratunam is a straightforward area to locate regardless of where you are in Bangkok, primarily due to its imperious icon, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel.

Throughout the dry season, the riverside is probably the most scenic area of the metropolis. A large assortment of riverside hotels exist, and they all supply wonderful views of the river.

Nearly as soon as Bangkok was created, Chinatown began to take shape, it is the city's earliest residential neighbourhood. Nowadays it's regarded as an integral element of the city, energetic marketplaces, teahouses and restaurants. Like a lot of the Old City, Chinatown is an excellent spot to discover on foot.

For fifteen years in between the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767 and the beginning of Bangkok in 1782, the west riverbank town of Thonburi, was considered as the capital of Siam under the reign of King Taskin the Great.

Khaosan Rd and the surrounding area over the last few years has been slowly reinventing itself, yes the core clientele are still budget travellers, which can make your stay in some of the cheaper guesthouses a little noisy.

If Bangkok had one solitary commercial area (it actually has several), this might be it. The region in between Surawong and Silom roads has got the city's earliest shopping and tourism places, along with the earlier G.I. hang-out and today's red-light area, Patpong.

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