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Food Culture

Food and meal times are a passion with the Chinese and the impressive variety of diverse dishes you’ll come across in Beijing echos the pure delight residents take in eating. Eating out may be the most important social undertaking; it’s in dining establishments that Beijingers spend time with friends, wine and dine one another, hold family gatherings as well as conduct business, and the assortment of restaurants here is captivating. Localized menus are going to have you salivating over delicious Peking duck, delectable dumplings and magnificent noodles, nevertheless there is food out of every region of China to be experienced as well. From spicy Sìchuanese to Turkic-inspired Uighur dishes, Beijing's restaurants already have it handled.


Imperial enchantments

A small number of destinations on the planet will be able to match up with the phenomenal historic surroundings displayed in Beijing. You will find six Unesco world heritage sites located in the city, that’s just one less than the whole country of Egypt boasts. At its heart and soul is the breath taking Forbidden City, a royal palace on the dimension unlike any other. As you move through the city centre crisscrossing through the mystical hútòng ( age-old passageways) that swarm with the busy lifestyle that today’s living you will still find the elegant temples that haven peace and quiet amongst a city that is always on the move. Trumping everything, to the north of the city, meandering across the hillside you'll see the formidable Great Wall, which is one of the few manmade objects that can be viewed from outer space.


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