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Although its only seven kilometres long and at its waist line less than a kilometre wide, teeny Boracay has speedily ended up being the Philippines' leading tourist destination, driven by mind blowing development plus a tidal wave of publicity, in 2013 readers of Travel & Leisure elected it the second best tropical island destination on the planet after Palawan and its surrounding islands. The heart of the activity will be the relaxing White Beach, a four kilometre, picture postcard fantastic expanse of sand covered from one end to the other with hotels and resorts, eating establishments, watering holes, and scuba diving vendors now a great number of streets deep. The beach front is generally full of holiday makers, among them large groups of package tourists sucked from all across Asia, most typically Korea, Taiwan and China. The sea is filled with enchanting Paraws, which are a type of out rigged sailboat, allowing couples to cruise the oceans.


After the amazing sunsets, live entertainment bursts out, and fire dancers twizzle their sticks. Doing this may be very exciting, à la Waikiki, and might very easily take up your complete stay. Simply don't anticipate the Boracay of three decades ago, when people celebrated in the simple fact that their own personal nipa hut did not have any electricity.

Away from the White Beach the island is constantly growing some of this growth unfortunately looks to be uncontrolled. New multimillion dollar developments rub shoulders alongside shanty town tin shacks. Building construction proceeds in the enormous Newcoast development, an organized neighbourhood mimicking Santorini, Ibiza and other branded destinations, which has devoured almost fourteen percent of the island. If you are still searching for the authentic touch you should head north to tranquil Diniwid Beach for a respite from the adventure, or east to Bulabog Beach, the location of the local water sports group, along with its friendly local feeling. Not surprisingly, Boracay is actually a destination where you'll discover whatever you fancy once you discover where you should search.

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