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5 Star Hotels In Chiang Mai

This Northern City has a character and pace distinct from Bangkok and other tourist centres, retaining its ancient cultural charm and attracting an increasing number of discerning tourists. In recent years a number of luxury Chiang Mai hotels have opened.
Some of Chiang Mai's most luxurious five star properties are situated in the heart of the ancient walled city. This ancient area also includes Thailand's second largest concentration of restaurants as well as the legendary Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. No fewer than 30 ancient temples lie within easy walking distance of this area's Chiang Mai 5 star hotels.
Some of the most exclusive hotels are located outside of this bustling regional hub, amid the pretty rural landscapes, surrounded by rice fields and mountains. Hang Dong, Doi Saket, Mae Rim, Sankampaeng, and Mae Taeng are some of the city's most scenic surrounding rural districts. All of these districts have their own unique charms, but all share outstanding mountain scenery as a common feature. One advantage of staying in one of these rural districts is getting to see water buffaloes roam across working rice paddies from hotel windows.
In addition, the 5 star hotels, whether urban or rural, also double as designated spa resorts. Private and special family villas are readily available at some of these spa resorts, many of which were constructed in traditional Lanna fashion complete with intricate hand carved fretwork. These traditional buildings provide relaxing backdrops to the wellness treatments, Thai massages, yoga classes, and even detoxification procedures offered at these spa resorts.
As you would expect from these luxury properties, they include fitness centres, swimming pools, and even full-fledged convention centres. Thai, Western, and Indian are the most commonly served cuisines at onsite restaurants. A few of these upscale establishments even offer Thai cooking classes to their guests. The great advantage here is the abundance of space, and of course the mountain views.
Chiang Mai is usually cooler and quieter than the far bigger Thai national capital of Bangkok, but the Songkran Water Festival is this serene city's most boisterous time of year. The city's unique twists to this mid-April holiday include Urban Culture Street food tasting, kang chong processions by local Lanna women, and splashing around the city's 700 year old moat.

Dusit D2 Chiang Mai Hotel
Hotel, Boutique
The Dusit D2 Chiang Mai Hotel, next to the popular Chang Klan Road in the middle of the city centre, is flanked by the city vibrant night bazaar, dining and entertaining ...
USD $113
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