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Hong Kong is a year-round destination with the winters being rather mild and the summers hot and sticky. The best time of the year to be here is near the end of September to early December. The air is clear and the humidity drops off to about 70% from summer's rainy season of 80% or more. Summers can be very hot and the usual precautions are recommended.

One thing you might want to consider is a light pullover or windbreaker tucked in your bag for the powerful air-conditioning in many places (we're not complaining)! December and January see the lowest rainful and the lowest temperatures. By the spring, it's warming up and while it's a bit more humid and a little more rainy than the fall, it's still a good time to be here. Prepare for humid and you'll be pretty much ready for any type of Hong Kong weather.

Spring Weather (March, April & May)

The spring is a pleasant time in Hong Kong. Temperatures gradually get warmer and warmer between March and May, but the humidity rises as well. Count on cool evenings and humidity around 80%. The rains begin in mid-to-late May.

Spring March April May
Avg. Temp 64°F / 18°C 72°F / 22°C 77°F / 25°C
Avg. Rain Days 10 11 14

Summer (June, July & August)

Hot and humid are the words here. This is Hong Kong's (and most of Southeast Asia's) rainy season, and can often extend well into September. Keep in mind that there are many very nice days in the rainy season -- it doesn't rain all day every day. Often, it will rain hard for an hour or two and then clear up for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, when it's not raining it's hot! Sunscreen, hats and even umbrellas (that's what the locals do) are used to keep off the sun. The rainy season can also mean typhoons, but Hong Kong has an excellent, modern advance warning system so not to worry.

Summer June July August
Avg. Temp 81°F / 27°C 84°F / 29°C 85°F / 29°C
Avg. Rain Days  15 17 17

Autumn (September, October & November)

This is the best time to be here weather wise. It's also a very popular season for trade shows, conventions, and exhibitions where the whole city can be booked up for several days. Because of this, hotel rates can be much higher during these periods. Please check with us in advance.

Autumn September October November
Avg. Temp 80°F / 18°C 77°F / 22°C 70°F / 25°C
Avg. Rain Days 15 9 6

Winter (December, January & February)

Hong Kong winters are mild with low humidity at about 70 per cent. Most of the time it's comfortably cool, though it's been known to get into the high 40's every once in a while. A good, warm coat or overcoat is recommended, just in case.

Winter December January February
Avg. Temp 64°F / 18°C 59°F / 15°C 59°F / 15°C
Avg. Rain Days 4 6 9
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