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Nearly as large as Bali, Lombok is definitely the generally unknown destination next door. From its volcanic heart to the remote and heavenly beach locations including Mawun, it rewards tourists who wish to discover it. Many of the people who are attracted to Lombok come mainly because of the famous Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia's second tallest volcano. Streams and falls surge down its creviced slopes, while at its summit that include hot springs along with a spectacular crater lake is the ultimate reward for any trekker that is strong enough to take on the task.


Lombok's southernmost shoreline is Mother Nature over a really awesome level: spectacular turquoise coves, world class surf breaks and enormous headlands. It’s only a matter of time before these beaches are developed, but at this point in time they are still relatively easy to investigate with a considerably improved road system that has recently been constructed. In case you are visiting the Gili islands, a Lombok stopover is an essential part of your trip as the transport choices are very good plus the ambiance could hardly be much more relaxed.

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Places to stay in Lombok

Farthest from the mainland, and the biggest of the group of islands, Gili Trawangan allures the highest quantity of tourists. Quite a lot of these show up for the psychedelic fungi by which this island is notoriously known, and of course with those tourist the island has also received the most development.

Practically a world outside of the exact same named beach locale in southern Bali, Kuta Lombok is considered the southerly focal point for discovering some of the finest beaches and surf breaks that this area of Lombok has to offer.

Spanning an extensive section of shoreline, Senggigi, which has far reaching coves divided up by imposing peninsulas, can be described as a drowsy beach resort constructed alongside the main road.

Lombok's capital city can be described as a blending together of numerous, and at one time independent townships, which have very unclear boundaries.

For anyone who is searching for bright lights and energetic late nights, you are going to be frustrated in Sekotong.

Gili Meno is definitely the littlest of the three island destinations and also the fantastic setting for your personal desert island daydream.

Gili Air is the nearest island of the three to Lombok and is the medium size island that lies between Meno and Trawangan, as it has its own fresh water source understandably it also has the largest community.

Teetering up and down the backbone of one of Gunung Rinjani's ridges, Senaru could well be the biggest hiking centre on Lombok, despite the fact that the majority of the treks,

Bumbang Bay can be found on the southerly shore of Lombok and it is marked by way of an amazing and vibrant soft sandy beachfront with an azure blue seashore.

Mounted in scenery which is completely unique in Lombok, the Sembalun region can be described as a high, flat bottomed valley enclosed by hills. Sembalun Lawang is actually reached using a steep sixteen kilometre road coming from Kokok Putih or perhaps a similarly difficult, sixteen kilometre road to the north coming from Sapit on the opposite side of the mountain range.

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