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Being 70 kilometres to the west of Hong Kong, Macau is a city of dichotomy. Its fortresses, places of worship along with culinary arts from the former Portuguese colonial days, expresses a noticeably Mediterranean style along the China coastline. These are typically inter mixed alongside the culture, walkways, temples and shrines of its Chinese ways of life. At the same time, the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Macau could possibly be the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’, as it is the only place within China that gambling is legalised.


Taipa had previously been two islands that have gradually joined up with each other due to silt deposits from the Pearl River. An equivalent physical joining up has become of Taipa and Coloane as a result of land reclamation from the South China Sea. The brand new piece of land connecting the two islands is referred to as Cotai (from Co-loane and Tai-pa). Taipa has fairly quickly urbanised and it’s impossible to believe that a handful of decades ago it was an island of agricultural farms and ship yards.

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Taipa, the home of Macau International Airport, racecourse, sports stadium and university, initially appears to be over developed to justify a special stop. Having said that, the small Taipa hamlet on the island’s east coast, featuring its old colonial esplanade, can make a enjoyable location for a prolonged lunch break.

The district of Coloane consists of nine square kilometres of hillside recreation ground, colonial pieces along with a few reasonable beachfronts, turning it into an enjoyable location to benefit from two or three hours relaxation from your busy schedule.

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