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Let’s just clear one thing up before we move on to the charms and delights of Phuket the 'h' is actually silent.

Once arriving on Phuket the first thing you'll probably notice is that is doesn't seem like an island at all. With its 576 square kilometres (222 sq mi) it’s almost the same size as Singapore, and is in fact the largest island in Thailand's archipelagos. It’s so large in places you barely get the feeling that you’re surrounded by water, that could be the likely answer why Koh, which means ‘island’ has been abandoned from its name. Named the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’ by advertising and marketing executives, this is certainly Thailand’s first form of tailor-made fun under the sun.


The island’s sin city of Patong may be the largest town and most hectic beach. It’s the quintessential gong show where beach dwellers fry off their headaches from the previous night’s party and go-go girls play ping pong…without paddles. But inevitably the island’s relationship for extravagance far surpasses its other typecasts. Jet-setters arrive on the island to spend time in their luxurious apartments and maybe relax in the trendy health spa, or maybe sundowners at one of the many fashion-forward nightspots or on their rented yacht. Therefore you don’t need to be an heiress to take advantage of Phuket’s fashionable to-do checklist. With scuba diving, high-end restaurants, and white beaches all at your fingertips, it truly is difficult to say bon voyage.

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