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What to do in Shanghai

Beijing frequently hogs the attention as China’s cultural centre, nevertheless for what really is a city of traders, Shanghai is astonishingly resourceful. There are many art galleries, which offer an opening into modern day Chinese concerns, whilst nightlife choices have skyrocketed. Acrobatics displays are invariably a popular choice and you should seize the opportunity to watch some Chinese opera.


Taking into account that Chinese consumers amount to almost 50% of the world luxury goods market, shopping is hardly ever carried out in half measures. Shopping therapy is one of the new phenomenon’s that the Shanghainese have grasped with both hands, and it is no wonder why the rest of china calls them 小资 xiaozi - 'little capitalists'). But it’s certainly not all high end luxury brands there are pop-up stores, busy marketplaces, trendy antique shops and young designer outlet stores.
Eating out
Three decades ago, Shanghai's grim dining scene seemed to be all metal containers as well as bad tempered waiting staff, with foreign cuisine restricted to the restaurants of 'exclusive' hotels. Chinese cuisine was all over the place, naturally, however it was predominantly street food. These days, you actually don't know where to begin, the mouth-watering restaurant scene is varied, stimulating as well as displaying some of the very latest food trends. Meals are the heart of all Chinese social interaction, it’s over a snack that people meet up with family and friends, celebrate and secure commercial deals.

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